Bottle Feeding Favorites

Gerber Bottles

Gerber Bottles

Dr. Brown’s Level 2 Nipples with the Gerber Bottles, from 6-8 weeks old until 4-5 months old.

Enfamil Nipples, from birth to 12 months old, with the Gerber Bottles for babies having feeding difficulties.

Formula Pitcher is a must! You can make a 24 hour batch of formula then stick it in fridge.

If you want a breastfeeding bottle, this is my favorite.

You can use the Enfamil Nipple or Dr. Brown’s Level 1 nipples with these bottles.

If you want a breastfeeding bottle.

Dr. Brown’s Level 1 Nipples with Gerber Bottles. Birth to 6-8 weeks old.

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Click here for a video of feeding in the elveated side-lying position