Feeding Favorites 6-12 Months Old

Travel Essentials

Disclaimer: Make sure snack and usage of feeding products are appropriate to your child’s development and age. This page contains feeding products for children 6-12 months of age, which varies greatly developmentally. Use these products at your own discretion. Always supervise your child if feeding them any type of food and be up to date on infant and child CPR.

Placemats to use at restaurants. This option is disposable. Next option can be washed and re-used.

I used these when traveling and at restaurants. This way I didn’t have to keep paying for disposable placemats.

To wipe down placemat, bib, and feeding utensils.

Finger Foods (everything should be *pea sized* and mushable. make sure the snack is developmentally appropriate for your child. always supervise your child when offering food and be up to date on infant cpr)

Contain *Peanuts*

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