Feeding Favorites for Beginning Baby Food

At the end of the page are my favorite products for making your own baby food.

You can find this brand at your local grocery store. For baby food, once you open the jar it is good for 48 hours IF the spoon that touches their mouth does NOT go into the jar. Make sure to pour what you will need to feed the baby into a bowl, so you can offer the jar of baby food again and not have to throw it away.

At this age, make sure to be using baby food that comes in a jar so they can learn to use those muscles in their mouth, which can only be taught by using a spoon, not a pouch.

A bouncy seat is a great option if beginning baby food between 4-6 months old or you can use a high chair that reclines back.

Making Baby Food

Add into pureed foods to thicken them and add nutrients.

Add unsalted bone stock (not the same as broth) to baby’s homemade vegetable purees because of the nutritional content.