In-Home Consults

Please have these items available for the in-home consult, so I am able to show you basic baby care. I will bring you the Moms on Call Book and the Moms on Call Miracle Swaddle blanket! Thank you! 🙂

Only need one pair of nail clippers, but I like to give you color options. This type is my favorite!!

Please have this brand available for the in-home consult.

We have tried a lot of nail clippers and these work the best when clipping their tiny fingernails. I will not clip their nails with any other brand.

If you got one of these from the hospital, we can use that one.

This is for rectal temperature (also great for their skin if needed and diaper rashes). Other options for rectal temp: Vaseline, coconut oil, or any kind of safe lubricant.

You don’t have to get a rectal thermometer. We can use a regular thermometer to take a rectal temp. Just make sure to label it “rectal” 🙂

Please have one of my favorite white noise machines for when we put them down for a nap.

$60 (also great for the toddler years because it has a night light option)


Below are my favorite bath items. You do *NOT* have to get these items. All we need is a regular bath tub, adult hand towel, adult wash rag, baby wash rag, baby soap, and baby brush. We like to use a bouncy seat as our docking station.