Speech + Language Consult with Ashley

Ashley Dastyck M.A., CCC-SLP is a speech language pathologist and mama to 3 girls. She offers personal consults on your little one’s first bites, sips and words (for babies and toddlers). Follow Sprouting Speech for parenting encouragement and tips when it comes to your child’s speech and feeding development!

Mini Consult

3 email questions about feeding or speech to Ashley, $30. Click here to register for a mini consult.

Virtual Consult – 30 minute session

Videochat or phone consult to answer questions about your child’s speech and language development or first foods including when it may be time to seek professional help, $90, 30 minute session. Click here to register for a virtual consult.

Virtual Consult Series

3 videochat or phone consults to answer questions about your child’s speech and language development or first foods, provide strategies or techniques while you play with your child, create a plan from week to week including carryover activities, $225, 3 consecutive weekly sessions, 30 minutes. Click here to register for a virtual consult.

For more information on her personalized consults, please fill out a contact form.

Hi guys! My name is Ashley.  I’ve been a speech language pathologist for 12 years. I currently work for a private agency contracting with our county and school districts to provide early intervention (birth – 3 years old) and preschool (3-5 years old) speech therapy.  Previously I worked at a wonderful school in my area for children with multiple complex disabilities ages 3-21.

I have 3 girls of my own (6 year-old and 1-year-old twins).  I am truly in the thick of all things child development.  I have used my professional knowledge and expertise when making decisions for my own children & also made decisions based on being realistic and doing what works for me in the moment.  The two are not mutually exclusive. With so much information out there – I want to help moms by giving information on all things speech & language, first foods, and first cups. My advice is research based and almost always something I have had success with my own children.

It was Emily who encouraged me to start this page and help other moms.  I found Emily through the @momsoncall website when I was searching for a consultant to answer my questions when my twins were 2 months old.  For 6 months Emily’s services helped me make little and big decisions about what was best for my babies, and built my confidence along the way.  It took a pandemic for me to realize that I have information to share that can help moms too!  I realize it’s not so easy to pop in your pediatrician office, and the process for having your child evaluated is trickier and taking longer during these uncertain times.  I look forward to answering questions and helping your family decide if a formal speech and language evaluation is needed.