What Families are Saying

Emily’s help during the early stages of parenthood helped us tremendously. I felt so supported and the guidance she provided us was invaluable— the structure of her advice and her help with our specific questions helped us create a happier and healthier environment for our baby and got us consistent full nights of sleep by 6 weeks. So glad we found her!”

– Elizabeth (Cate’s Mom)

“I just wanted to send you a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help with my Harper! You were my lifesaver when I had hit rock bottom with a new life as a mommy and I cannot thank you enough. I honestly could not have gotten through those tough weeks of reflux and eating issues without your guidance. Harper is now eating about 30 ounces a day and I have to wake her up at 7 am everyday (thank you for the early wake up help!)!!! I recommend Moms on Call to all new mamas and your one-on-one help whenever I can. Thank you so much again you have been a huge help.”

– Megan (Harper’s Mom)

“Emily was the best thing that could have happened to us! We are parents to toddler twins who didn’t sleep through the night until we met her plus we were expecting a third baby. We were so scared that we would never sleep again! Emily was able to “teach” us how to handle the TWINS. They started sleeping through the night in ONE WEEK! But, even more important, the newborn went directly to MOC schedule and he’s been sleeping through the night since he’s 2 months old. At 8pm we have ALL THREE KIDS in BED and sleeping until morning. And she helped us a lot also with the communication with the toddlers, how to deal with their tantrums, how to prepare them for the arrival of a new brother. She is much more than only a Sleep Trainer! THANK YOU EMILY!”

– Silvia (Linda, Simon, & Giorgio’s Mom)

“My baby Max was struggling with short naps, early wakings and as a “Type A” mom I was driving myself crazy trying to get him on a schedule. Emily worked with us to implement a nap and sleep schedule that worked for our family and within two weeks he was napping like a champion and sleeping until 7am. We actually have to wake him from naps now! As his sleep needs began to shift, she was there to answer all of our questions and help adjust the schedule as needed. I spent countless nights researching nap schedules, wake windows, and sleep training methods. Do yourself a favor and skip the endless googling and just call Emily!

Sarah O. (Max’s Mom)

“I have to be honest and say that I am truly shocked we have seen so much progress in such little time. I really did not think it would work for her. She is a girl that had never put herself to sleep in all of her 13 months of life and here she is on day 4 doing it! I know that we still have a ways to go, but Drew and I already feel like we have our evenings back but most importantly, Ella is getting so much more sleep and better quality sleep!”

– Emily (Ella’s Mom)

Your support and email guides have truly been instrumental in the sleep and health of my family. I really appreciate the diligent way you would check in with us at milestones and the developmental information you provided us with. Our girl is thriving! Thank you, thank you!”

– Delaine (Iyla’s Mom)

Your support has been invaluable throughout this new parenting journey. You have helped our family feel confident in navigating feeding, sleeping, schedules, etc with our preemie daughter. This has been made easier tenfold after the stress of navigating the NICU. As I head back to work, I have a daughter sleeping through the night and growing before our eyes each day. The check ins and developmental forms help ensure we were on track while also planning ahead. Thank you, Emily!”

– Emily (Josie’s Mom)

“Working with Emily was immensely helpful in laying a sleep foundation for our newborn. As new parents in the middle of a pandemic we were very overwhelmed about how to find good help in establishing healthy sleep habits for our son. Luckily a friend recommended Moms on Call, which then led us to connecting with Emily since she’s certified with the method. Even though we live states away, Emily’s package included a virtual consultation followed by months of email support. Within days of meeting with Emily, our 4-month-old son was sleeping through the night. We were amazed how quickly her help worked. We can’t say enough good things about Moms on Call and Emily’s support. We just wish we had found her sooner!”

Lauren (Emmer’s Mom)

“Thank you so much for everything you have helped us with. Having you as a sounding board the past six months has been invaluable. Having you explain the ins and outs of the Mom’s on Call book and how it could apply to my individual baby has helped me so much through this new journey. We hired you because we were desperate for sleep–well now Campbell sleeps 12-13 hours every night. We haven’t been up in the middle of the night in months and we are well-rested happy humans! We are able to enjoy every moment of this phase because you gave us the confidence to implement the methods I was reading about. Having a nurse who has seen the process work for their own child and others sit in your living room and hold your hand is something I wish every parent could have. I repeat your mantras to myself and to new parents I meet all the time. You have given me the confidence to trust in myself and my baby! I couldn’t recommend your services enough and I am always singing your praises and recommending you to first-time parents.”

 Ellee (Campbell’s Mom)

“My wife and I started working with Emily when our daughter was about 4.5 months old. We are so happy with our decision! Our daughter, and entire family benefited from the much needed sleep. Take out a lot of worrying, trial and error and infinite google searches and work with Emily! If and when baby #2 comes along, we will be starting with Emily much sooner!”

– Matthew (Maddie’s Dad)

“My family has been working with Emily for 4 months when my son turned 5 months old. This exhausted mamma had no idea where to start with teaching my son healthy sleep habits. I felt like everything I tried just wasn’t working and I was quickly losing confidence. I decided to work with Emily for my son’s sleeping, napping and eating schedule. With her wide knowledge base, caring heart, and her nursing expertise, my son Logan is thriving! I feel like I am the mom I have always wanted to be. We have the confidence to know how to handle both the day/night now, and we (including the dog!) are all getting the full nights rest we need to conquer the day. I can’t wait to work with her again when Logan is a toddler! Thank you Emily, we love you ♥”

Erin (Logan’s Moms)

Emily’s support and guidance has been absolutely instrumental to me and my husband these past few months as first time parents. We had zero experience with a baby prior to the birth of our first child and choosing to work with Emily was hands down the best (and first!) parenting decision we made! From the moment we met her for our in-home consultation to her continued email support, her advice and anecdotes coupled with the Moms on Call philosophy has helped us enjoy this parenting journey with less fear and has helped our sweet little boy with everything from sleeping well to enjoying bathtime and experimenting with solids!

What is really comforting is that alot of Emily’s advice is also in line with that of our pediatrician’s, so we feel doubly supported in everything we do. We have recommended Emily’s services to our friends and will continue to do so, and have decided to continue working with Emily for another 6 months. So thankful to have her in our lives!”

– Martine (Julian’s Mom)

At around 10 weeks, I was closely referencing Moms On Call, but I was struggling with uncertainty. My twins have reflux, one was super fussy, and one was a better sleeper. I felt my confidence slipping and needed help making decisions about our schedule and our babies needs. I emailed Moms On Call via the website, and received Emily’s information. Our twins are now 6.5 months old and life is SO good! We would not be where we are without Emily’s expertise, guidance, and constant support. She helped us troubleshoot, and the most simple tweaks to our schedule / routine made the biggest difference. She supported us from moving from one schedule to the next, and gave us endless bits of supplemental information about sleep, routine, feeding, etc. I really feel that every *new or not new mom* needs an Emily in their life.

– Ashley (Annie & Molly’s Mom)

“We appreciate your help and guidance so much! You were an amazing asset and support, always so quick to respond, and so encouraging! We would refer you to ANYONE having a baby – whether it’s their first or not. Moms on Call has been such a great choice for our family. Vivienne started sleeping through the night at 11 weeks old and we have not ONCE had to go in her room after we put her down at 7:30 pm. She sleeps until 7 am every day, which means we do too. She’s over 6 months old now :)”

– Jacqueline (Vivienne’s Mom)

“My husband and I did a virtual consultation with Emily, as we were needing guidance on how to create a better sleep routine for our TODDLER. Emily went above and beyond to help guide us and to answer our many questions! She provided peace of mind and gave us the courage to start sleep training our son. Her kind and gentle demeanor is very welcoming and I couldn’t recommend her enough!”

– Megan (Cooper’s Mom)

“Being a new mom comes with a tremendous learning curve. In an era full of technology and opinions, it can feel confusing and difficult to know where to turn. Emily helped me to feel confident and encouraged in caring for my daughter. With each and every question that I had, Emily’s support was warm, intentional and personal. She checked in with me often and she even sent me information on developmental milestones before they happened, allowing me to be more prepared.

My favorite part of working with Emily was feeling her warmth and commitment to my success and growth as a new mom. By the end of our time together, I felt like we were friends! I was truly sad to see our contract end. It felt like saying goodbye to an old friend that I had gone on a momentous journey with. Emily’s guidance has truly helped better me as a mom (and a human)! I am so thankful that I was able to work with her.”

Danielle (Millie’s Mom)

“Emily is the best! She is super knowledgeable and combines the expertise of a NICU nurse with experience of being a mom. She helped us follow the MOC program which has turned our little guy into a GREAT sleeper. Emily is super sweet and patient – she understands how us first time parents feel. Thanks for everything Emily!”

– Laura (Carter’s Mom)

“Emily is seriously the best! Not only does she have the most kind and encouraging personality (big bonus for first time parents), but she is so knowledgeable about all things babies. 

Being first time parents’ we hired Emily from the beginning mainly for the sleep training (we LOVE sleep), but she taught us so much more than that. She came to our home, walked us through the MOC swaddle technique (must!), nail clipping, bath time, etc. She was always willing to answer my questions in the middle of the night while I was freaking out about all the things first time moms freak out about in the middle of the night.

The two things that I am most thankful for with Emily’s help is our baby sleeping through the night at 7 weeks and Emily helping us with “feeding difficulties”. Which actually weren’t difficulties at all, just my husband and I’s inexperience with babies plus too much Google reading…Without Emily’s support and guidance, we’d probably still be searching the internet for answers.

So much love for Emily and what she does! Highly recommend her service and I 100% will be gifting her services to all my pregnant friends!”

– Laura (Everly’s Mom)

“We are SO thankful and grateful for finding you and Moms on Call. I never would’ve believed 3 months ago when we were sleep deprived and desperately trying to figure out what to do that we would be where we are today…..Isabella being so happy and not crying all day and not only sleeping through the night, but now sleeping through the night unswaddled! Thank you for all your support, wisdom, and advice!”

– Tracy (Isabella’s Mom)

“Thankful for this incredible resource. If you need help…Connect with Emily!! Not only did she have Pax sleeping through the night in 3 days, but she has been supportive through every milestone. I cannot say enough, only wish I would have connected sooner. So thankful for heart and wisdom!

– Ashley (Paxton’s Mom)

There are so many new “voices” that enter your world when you become parents.  We are so happy we chose to focus on Emily’s voice – along with our own and our pediatrician of course! Her steady guidance and warm heart helped with everything from feeding, to sleeping/naps, to modifications in daily life to help accommodate the treatment of our daughter’s hip dysplasia. We always knew she was in our corner, rooting for us. You’d be blessed to have her in your corner too!”

– Melissa (Vivian’s Mom)

When I started this journey I honestly never thought we’d be where we are right now. I am the envy of my friends who has a sleeping baby. Not only is she sleeping straight thru 12 hours every night, but she is the happiest baby. She doesn’t cry when she’s tired or hungry or bored because this system and schedule WORKS! All her needs are attended to before she has time to cry.”

– Alex (Amelia’s Mom)

Emily has been incredibly supportive and helpful as a consultant on my journey as a first time Mom! She has so many areas of information to provide from teething, napping, bottles, eating and more!! It has been truly amazing to have someone to ask questions to and always have some type of answer, suggestion or idea to try! She always responds so quickly too which is a huge help and definitely doesn’t go unnoticed!! All of Emily’s suggestions have been spot on and it’s also just nice to get the reassurance that I’m doing things the right way!! Overall, I would recommend Emily as a consultant to all of my mom friends, she is a huge help and I will continue to go back to her services for every big step and transition that we take going forward!”

– Marissa C. (Johnny’s Mom)

“When we first met Emily, our son Griff was almost 3 months old. We had been battling a pretty severe case of colic and reflux with Griff soon after he was born and we were basically to a very unhealthy point of exhaustion and desperation. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and helpful, she also genuinely cares. If it wasn’t for Emily and Moms on Call, I’m not sure we would have reached the important development steps as quickly including: sleeping 12 hours at night, extreme reduction of acid reflux symptoms before 4 months of age, improvement of flat head syndrome symptoms and solid foods at 4 months. Emily has been a lifesaver for us and I would recommend her to any parent in need of help or support. I will truly be sad when our time with her is over!”

– Garland (Griff’s Mom)

“A friend recommended Moms on Call while I was pregnant and I began using many of the methods in the book from the day we brought my daughter home. Around 7 weeks, we were having a really hard time. My baby was fussy, the schedules didn’t seem to work, we were struggling with breastfeeding, and I was exhausted. With her help, my daughter now sleeps 12 hours at night, takes 2-4 naps, eats on a schedule, and is such a happier baby. Emily has helped me through the transition back to work, breaking the swaddle, 4 month sleep regression, and now beginning to wean. I highly recommend her to all new moms and am SO grateful that she has been by my side on this journey. Thank you, Emily Blewett, for helping me to be a confident mama who parents out of love rather than fear.”

Amanda (Emily’s Mom)

“Emily is amazing! She is incredibly patient and answered all of my questions. She is extremely thorough and my son adored her. I was confident he was in good hands as soon as she stepped in the door. She demonstrated the proper techniques to care for my son and then helped us practice. I highly recommend her services!!”

– Valerie (Rhett’s Mom)

“Emily was instrumental in helping our newborn sleep through the night and through her naps. She was always available and super patient with all my first time mom questions. After our daughter was sleeping better, Emily helped us with literally everything else that came up: breastfeeding, weaning, formula, transitioning to solids, toy recommendations, travel tips, diaper rash and eczema tips and so many more. I recommend her to any parents who need some extra guidance and encouragement.”

– Kelly (Evan’s Mom)

Logan is consistently sleeping through the night. Thank you so much for the guidance and support so he could learn that his crib was a safe place! He’s doing so good with eating too! Thank you so much for all of your help! We have been consistently getting a full nights sleep for over a month now and it is all because of your help! You were amazing!”

– Lauren (Logan’s Mom)

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help this past month. You got our family through the toughest stage of this whole process and we will be forever grateful for that. Not only did you get us through this difficult period (with TWINS), but you got us excited about everyday and the new challenges we would face knowing we had the right tools to get through it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

– Madi (Jordan and Blake’s Mom)

“I have been amazed at the sleep results that we have gotten with our girls with Emily’s help! With our first, it was life changing as our daughter went from waking frequently in the night to sleeping through the night very quickly with a few changes that we made. With our second daughter, she has been a great sleeper all along. We were able to establish great sleep habits early with Emily’s help. Now, she is just 3 months and is sleeping through the night. This has been incredibly nice, my husband and I feel rested and we have been extremely grateful for Emily’s help through all of the transitions! I highly recommend Emily for sleep support. It is 100% worth it.”

– Lindsey (Riley and Raelyn’s Mom)

Photo by Milana Mia Photography