“Thank you so much for everything you have helped us with. Having you as a sounding board the past six months has been invaluable. Having you explain the ins and outs of the Mom’s on Call book and how it could apply to my individual baby has helped me so much through this new journey. We hired you because we were desperate for sleep–well now Campbell sleeps 12-13 hours every night. We haven’t been up in the middle of the night in months and we are well-rested happy humans! We are able to enjoy every moment of this phase because you gave us the confidence to implement the methods I was reading about. Having a nurse who has seen the process work for their own child and others sit in your living room and hold your hand is something I wish every parent could have. I repeat your mantras to myself and to new parents I meet all the time. You have given me the confidence to trust in myself and my baby! I couldn’t recommend your services enough and I am always singing your praises and recommending you to first-time parents.”


“My wife and I started working with Emily when our daughter was about 4.5 months old. We are so happy with our decision! Our daughter, and entire family benefited from the much needed sleep. Take out a lot of worrying, trial and error and infinite google searches and work with Emily! If and when baby #2 comes along, we will be starting with Emily much sooner!”

– Matthew

“Thankful for this incredible resource. If you need help…Connect with Emily!! Not only did she have Pax sleeping through the night in 3 days, but she has been supportive through every milestone. I cannot say enough, only wish I would have connected sooner. So thankful for heart and wisdom!”

– Ashley

“When I started this journey I honestly never thought we’d be where we are right now. I am the envy of my friends who has a sleeping baby. Not only is she sleeping straight thru 12 hours every night, but she is the happiest baby. She doesn’t cry when she’s tired or hungry or bored because this system and schedule WORKS! All her needs are attended to before she has time to cry.”

– Alex

“When we first met Emily, our son Griff was almost 3 months old. We had been battling a pretty severe case of colic and reflux with Griff soon after he was born and we were basically to a very unhealthy point of exhaustion and desperation. I reached out to Moms on Call for support and within a few days got an email response from Emily. Before we even agreed to commit to a certain price or package, Emily was already extremely helpful in her suggestions and advice. From our first conversation until now we have had every question answered including sleep, teething, sickness, starting solids, etc. I have also been able to reach Emily over the phone and call when I really needed to talk or vent about a certain situation. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and helpful, she also genuinely cares. I can remember when Griff was getting his first tooth and we were back to sleepless nights and exhaustion and I was able to call Emily and get the advice and support I needed to face the situation ‘out of love and not fear’. If it wasn’t for Emily and Moms on Call, I’m not sure we would have reached the important development steps as quickly including: sleeping 12 hours at night, extreme reduction of acid reflux symptoms before 4 months of age, improvement of flat head syndrome symptoms and solid foods at 4 months. Emily has been a lifesaver for us and I would recommend her to any parent in need of help or support. I will truly be sad when our time with her is over!”

– Garland

“A friend recommended Moms on Call while I was pregnant and I began using many of the methods in the book from the day we brought my daughter home. Around 7 weeks, we were having a really hard time. My baby was fussy, the schedules didn’t seem to work, we were struggling with breastfeeding, and I was exhausted. I reached out to Emily and we have been working together via email (almost daily!), with one phone call over the past 2 months. With her help, my daughter now sleeps 12 hours at night, takes 2-4 naps, eats on a schedule, and is such a happier baby. Emily has helped me through the transition back to work, breaking the swaddle, 4 month sleep regression, and now beginning to wean. I highly recommend her to all new moms and am SO grateful that she has been by my side on this journey. Thank you, Emily Blewett, for helping me to be a confident mama who parents out of love rather than fear.”


“We appreciate your help and guidance so much! You were an amazing asset and support, always so quick to respond, and so encouraging! We would refer you to ANYONE having a baby – whether it’s their first or not. Moms on Call has been such a great choice for our family. Vivienne started sleeping through the night at 11 weeks old and we have not ONCE had to go in her room after we put her down at 7:30 pm. She sleeps until 7 am every day, which means we do too. She’s over 6 months old now :)”

– Jacqueline

“Ms. Emily was so patient with us as we practiced swaddling and bathing. We learned so much from her and highly recommend her for busy parents of newborns and toddlers. She will teach you how to get your baby to bed quickly and without fussing! We found out so many urgent items about feeding, bathing, baby massage and even a Pilate move for babies! Put Emily Blewett on your baby shower list of #MustHaves!!!”

– Nancy

“Emily is amazing! She is incredibly patient and answered all of my questions. She is extremely thorough and my son adored her. I was confident he was in good hands as soon as she stepped in the door. She demonstrated the proper techniques to care for my son and then helped us practice. I highly recommend her services!!”

– Valerie