Toddler Essentials – Emotions

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“It is vital that we give our children an emotional vocabularly, starting from the earliest years, By the time they’re talking in phrases and sentences, they can be putting words to their feelings. As parents who love them, our job is to help them learn to experience and express their hearts and full range of their emotions.” -Raising Boys and Girls

Print this Raising Boys and Girls Feelings Chart for your children to be able to look at throughout the day. Print multiple copies to put one in the car, on the refrigerator, in the playroom and their room. Children can have trouble expressing their emotions so this feelings chart will be a great resource for them.

Click here for the amazing Raising Boys and Girls podcast that goes along with the book, Are my Kids on Track? (linked above)

“We want our children to correctly identify feelings, much like reading road signs. Reference the chart often. Point to the face when you identify the feeling. Have your child point to the feeling he or she is experiencing, and say the feeling word for them if they can’t yet read for themselves. Help them differentiate between the faces and feelings.” –Are My Kids on Track?